Smart Vending

Smart Vending Machine is a RFID based food chiller and vending machine. Through the RFID radio frequency identification, the background can automatically sense the products in the refrigerator which are labeled. The user need to scan to open the door and select items, the payment process will be completed automatically when the door is closed.

The internal core components are all industrially-grade embedded products, and the machine is very stable. Mainly located in high-end private club, branded shops, self-service channel, public place, commercial office building. High integration and size small, stable & reliable and suits for most kinds of products. The Smart Box provides an API interface for docking clients backstage.

Product Specifications

  • Adjustable Temperature Range: 0 C ~ +10 C

  • Transport Package: Foam Packaging Transport

  • RF Band: 13.56 MHz

  • Support Protocol: ISO15693

  • Refrigerator Rated Power: 350W

  • Data Interaction: 4G, Wifi, Internet (three select one)

  • Radio Frequency Interface: SMA

  • Providing Development API: API and technical support to assist in the development.

  • Provide Perfect Software: background user management, commodity management, recharge records, promotion management, interface management, supplier management, terminal management and other functions are very perfect.

Product Parameters

User Guide

User guide:
1. Open up the pay app
2. Scan QR Code to open the door
3. Select items
4. Auto payment after closing the door
5. Feedback