HY—A10 Plant Protection Drone

The main part of the product is a four-rotor UAV. The fuselage is made of carbon fiber material. It has strong corrosion resistance and is equipped with a customized plant protection flight control system. It can work normally under various complicated environments such as high temperature, humidity, light rain and other complex environments, and has a long service life.

Basic Parameters


  • Easy to Operate

    >> One-button return
    >> Fully autonomous flight
    >> Automatic calculation of routes
    >> Automatic return & landing upon low voltage and pesticide level.

  • Efficient Operation

    1. As per field tests data, the working area can reach 60-90 acres per hour, and the working efficiency is equivalent to 40 times of manual effort.

    2. Supporting night work, you can use your time more effectively during the busy season and complete a larger area of work.

    3. The pressure nozzle has better atomization effect than the traditional centrifugal nozzle, and can effectively prevent leakage spray. The unblocked aerial spray, saving water by 90% and saving pesticide by 30% as compared to traditional methods.

    4. According to the set dosage of the selected farm areas and the real-time flight speed, the amount of the pesticide is automatically controlled and adjusted to make the spray uniform.

  • Precision Spraying

    1. The pesticide particles are highly atomized and can be uniformly attached to the front, back sides leaves and stems of the crop under the action of the pressurized air stream.

    2. Millimeter wave radar fixed height function ensures that the drone and crop are always at a fixed height, achieving high-precision ground flight and preventing liquid drift.

    3. By setting spraying route pointers in advance, the obstacles can be automatically bypassed during flight to achieve automatic obstacle avoidance.

  • Platform Management

    1. The user can monitor the status of the UAV and the progress of the operation in real time, and simultaneously synchronize to the cloud, so that the farmer or the flight administrator can understand the operation situation in real time, coordinate the flight operation, improve the operation efficiency, and reduce the operation cost.

    2. Support electronic fences, and update fence information at any time to provide third-party security supervision to make flights safer.

    3. The black box function makes it easy to analyze accidents data which makes it easy for users to view each job record after the end of the work season, to better manage and optimize the operation process.

For product detailed specification, download here