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The three-dimensions approach for UAV agriculture protection application system

The strategic surveillance platform conducts intelligent and automated analysis through the collected data feedback from time to time, to determine the timing for plant protection, drug varieties, drug use programs and so on. The plant protection program will be sent to the aerial and ground systems on demand as required. Each execution system begins to carry out the operation task after receiving the command, the strategic control platform analyzes the operation of the aerial and ground system accordingly, and the platform monitoring and data analysis can adjust the task in time to ensure overall operational effectiveness and minimize the wastage costs and ensure optimum cost and operational efficiencies.

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Plant Protection Drones

Mainly for the top layer of plants, pests and disease control on the outside of the plants. The use of aerial plant protection can be effective against high-altitude pests and diseases, improve pesticide utilization, and ensure the physical safety of plant protection personnel.

The traditional mode of operation for high-altitude pests and diseases often can not be effectively controlled. The current stage of the use of drones for high-altitude operations has proven to be one of the more effective methods.

We offer the HY-1 multi-rotor plant protection drone which is simple to operate, without the need for professional pilots, operator can carry out good operational tasks, after basic training in maintenance and operation.

Ground System (Unmanned plant-protected vehicle)

At present, the application of unmanned plant protection vehicles is still at relatively infant stage. The main reason is that there is a significant overlap between the current operation of unmanned vehicles and the operation of drones. But for tree gardens, unmanned plant-proof vehicles are an integral part, because of the small spacing between trees and the strength of the trees plant is too large, resulting in drones unable to spray liquid or other nutrients into the inner layer of the tree. However, due to the small size of the unmanned plant protection vehicle, large power, flexible control, it is easy to walk freely in the garden. With the use of spraying atomization device, the liquid and other nutrients can be easily sprayed into the inner layer of the tree, to achieve good operational results.

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Soil fertility monitoring and identification

Other Systems

While soil fertility identification can not be directly monitored by the naked eye, and yet the main source of plant nutrition is soil. So, the ability to make decision on whether a land plot is conducive for farming or not is a very crucial matter. Traditional soil monitoring requires soil sampling, inspection and lab analysis processes. Operator need to wait for a longer period of time for test results, incurred high expenses, and the sample test results could sometimes be easily tampered by external or other commercially motivated factors which created large errors. At Hang Ying, we build the identification program with accordance to all the land, and plantation data collected, provide professional analysis, and generate eventual soil fertility distribution map, in order to help operator or plantation owners to be able to achieve optimal farm land fertilization planning.

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